CECOEDECON started its journey with natural resource related projects for rehabilitation after the floods in Jaipur, focused on agriculture based livelihood, aimed at revival of agriculture in the area. The local people started associating with the organization as Agro Action, which was the name of the projects CECOEDECON was implementing. Since then, the organization has implemented many projects on natural resources with government and other different agencies. These were based on ground water management, waste water management and sustainable use of natural resources. CECOEDECON has successfully implemented many related projects in different Districts of Rajasthan. Organization has a team of professionals who have vast working experience on the issue. The team has technical knowledge of natural resource management. We have also organized big events related to water such as Malwa Jal Utsav, Pani Utsav at regional and State level. CECOEDECON pays a lot of emphasis to the Sustainable use of natural resources and promotion of sustainable livelihood which is ensured by encouraging community participation and contribution from the beginning till the completion of the projects.

The organization has promoted the construction of water harvesting structures at the village level. It has been observed that some of the big village ponds and anicuts have helped the farmers to continue growing crops for two seasons all through the past decade even though there were many years with sub-normal rainfall. Since the government also started taking up such initiatives we shifted our focus to demonstration good practices and developing models that can be replicated. The organization's work in the area of natural resource management has now evolved to disaster preparedness and management.


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