A WAY OUT- 21st-22nd NOVEMBER, 2015, Vidhan Sabha Campus, BHOPAL

Panchamahabhuta (the five great elements) space, air, fire, water and earth that constitute the environment are all derived from Prakriti, the primal energy. Each of these elements has his own life and form. Though differently, the religions also underlines that the human body is composed of related to these five elements. This bond between our senses and the elements is the foundation of human relationship with natural world. Protection of environment and nature has been part of dharma (duty/virtue/cosmic order) consciousness and extension of divinity for many Indian traditional groups and they do not see religion, ecology and ethics as separate areas in life.


Bhartia Parmpara Main
Paryavaran Chintan

Global Warming and Cliamte Change
Developing A Culture of Sustainability Solutions English

Global Warming and Cliamte Change
Developing A Culture of Sustainability Solutions Hindi

Introduction to Conference and


Global Warming and Climate Change A Way Out - a National Level Workshop explored different dimensions of human interface with the Panch Mahabhuta. The workshop extended an excellent opportunity for understanding the human-nature interface in light of religious teachings, scientific researches, indigenous knowledge, civil society actions, policy framework and climate change negotiations. The workshop was organized by Government of Madhya Pradesh and coordinated by Environment Protection and Coordination Organization (EPCO). CECOEDECON was invited by the Government of Madhya Pradesh to extend technical support in capacity of Workshop Knowledge Partner. Organized during 21-22 November at Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Campus, the event was attended by more than 800 participants representing Governments, Research & Academics, Media, farmers, civil society groups, campaigners and students. The workshop was inaugurated by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar ji whereas the concluding ceremony was addressed by Smt. Shushma Swaraj, Honorable Minister Foreign Affairs, Government of India. Shri Shivraj Singh, Honorable Chief Minister, Government of Madhya Pradesh addressed the audience in both the ceremonies.

 Workshop Theme Flyers

 Panch Mahabhoot

 Reimaging Peoples Alternative

 Religion and Faith

 Scientific Perspectives on Crisis

 Traditional and Indigenous Knowledge



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