It is the vision of CECOEDECON that the economic development will contribute to achievement of the goals of reducing hunger and poverty. Our aim is to demand justice from economic development through ensuring equitable benefit sharing, participation in decision making, assertion of basic human rights in the development process and government accountability towards the general public for the impacts of its decisions. The three issues covered in this theme are Biodiversity, Climate Change and GMOs. The overall goal of Economic Justice theme is to catalyse people’s participation in decision making and to ensure protection of human rights in the process of economic development.


‘Livelihood Security theme’ is focused on sustainable agriculture through farmer-to-farmer learning approach, access to productive resources, risk reduction initiatives, promotion of off-farm and non-farm livelihoods and linkage to multi-level action on policies related to food and agriculture - in order to achieve security of agriculture based livelihoods of the partner community.

Over the years the organization has built up understanding on climate change impacts on agriculture. The major change noted by farmers is unpredictability of rainfall and overall decrease in rainy days during the monsoon. Repeated years of lower than normal rainfall are leading to scarcity of ground water as well. The resulting scarcity of drinking water and fodder is leading to decrease in fertility rate and milk productivity in livestock. As crop is sown two to three times when rains come late, the farmers lose all their seed stocks and have to depend on the market for seeds.

In the past the organization has promoted rainwater harvesting, tree plantation, organic manures, seed saving, agro-horticulture, kitchen gardening and livestock breed improvement for sustainable agriculture. Discussions with community have also led to identification of these practices for climate change adaptation.

Learning from farmer led approaches in sustainable agriculture in different projects; organization has focused on farmer-to- farmer learning approach and organized different capacity enhancement sessions with farmers on sustainable agriculture and formation of Farmers’ Clubs. Organization is giving emphasis on building the capacities of the Farmers’ Clubs on sustainable agriculture and also on the emerging challenge of climate change through undertaking climate change adaptation measures. The Farmers’ Club members decide on the location and beneficiary of the adaptation trials and make linkage with resource agencies for further training and with government departments for schemes promoting these sustainable practices.


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